Vets recommend 30 minutes of exercise (dog walks, active play, swimming) daily to keep your dog healthy and fit.

Your dog's dog walking time with us starts and ends at your home. We list our exercise services by total active time (20, 30, or 45 minutes), not total visit time. In addition to outside exercise, our services include personal care time (refreshing water, a treat or feeding, and a note about our time with your dog) at no additional charge. Ask about GPS Tracking for your dog's walk.

At DogOn Fitness, we offer a range of activities for your furry companion. Our services include traditional dog walks,  training walks, runs, playtime, and a 15-minute relief walk. If you want something more adventurous, our DogOn Adventure service offers a customized hike, playdate, and pick-up/drop-off. Give your dog the best with DogOn FIT.

DogOn FIT Exercise

A dog walk for active dogs or dogs who need more exercise. Working walk (training reinforcement), run, play, 2030, and 45 minutes outside/active time.

Relief Walks and Puppy Visits

Relief walk, 15 minutes total visit time.

DogOn Adventure *where available*

Active trail hike, playdate, and more. Customized to your dog, location, and circumstances. Pickup and Dropoff at your door are included.

DogOn Buddy Pack Walk * where available*

pack walk is typically 1 to 3 hours with 2 to 7 buddies. It offers fun and safe socialization with other dogs, mental and physical exercise, and calm relaxation. The dogs occasionally enjoy free play in a fenced yard or go on an on-leash hike in the woods.